Gray Cement General Use

Argos Cemento Gris Uso General

It is designed to provide wide possibilities of application, for this reason it is suitable for projects of small works, remodeling and repairs. It can be used to make mortars, grouts and concretes for general construction.
Available in bags of 21.32 and 42.5 kg.

Gray Cement Structural Use

Argos Cemento Gris Uso General

This type of cement is designed for the manufacture of concrete for the construction of beams, floors, columns, slabs, walls and foundations in buildings and infrastructure works. It offers greater performance and optimum resistance, making concrete mixtures more efficient.

White Portland Cement for Structural Use

Argos Cemento Blanco Uso General

Specially created to make concretes and mortars, this product allows to obtain greater efficiency and a high development of resistances at initial and final ages. This is why it is the best alternative for constructions with industrialized production of concrete and concrete structures with rapid commissioning requirements.

*Argos provides additional innovative solutions for customers including: Slag Cement, Oil-well Cement, Quicklime, Sulfate-Resistant Cement, Masonry Cement among others. Our technical expertise derives from years of experience in the field, state-of-the-art laboratory and research facilities, and a deep knowledge of construction materials. For more information about our specialty products please contact us at